Tuesday Tech Talk: Whatsapp is going to cost money

Whatsapp will, according to statements from its chief Jan Koum launch an update to change the service from being free to a yearly subscription model. At this time it is for real. Riot! We will leave Whatsapp! What the fuck! – A short comment.

What happened?

Jan Koum, the chief executive officer (CEO=Geschäftsführer) of Whatsapp Inc. announced that Whatsapp for iOS will change into a service you will have to pay for. He said this will happen within this year, 2013, and will look like this:

The application will cost about 89 cents, and then be free for the first year. After that year the user will have to pay the amount of 89 cents again for each year of usage of the Whatsapp Messenger, like it is anyway for Android, Blackberry and Nokia for quite some time.

Don’t be worried

It might be a bad news and some of the Whatsapp users announced to turn their back on Whatsapp and their Messenger if they would start to introduce this yearly payment for iOS. This might be an understandable reaction, but if you take a deeper look into it you will see, that this users who are complaining are not even affected from the change in the Whatsapp-System.

Everyone who has registered his mobile phone number at Whatsapp, what means that he logged in to use Whatsapp any time ago, will not have to pay this yearly fee, because it is just for users who want to register for the System after the update.

And even if you will get a new number in the next years or something other will change, which forces you to set up a new ‘account’ at WhatsApp, you should not complain about the yearly fee you will have to pay. Just check it out:

A normal mobile contract with a flat rate for SMS would probably cost about 10€ a month. Whatsapp probably 0,89€ per year! Monthly and yearly! That’s nothing. And you have an MMS-System in it too, because you can send pictures videos and other things, too.

You want it

And at least: you ever wanted it! All of you should have heard about the enormous lack of security, but no one of you ever turned his or her back at Whatsapp and its ecosystem. No one of you started to use one of the various competitors available like threema, which is one of the most secure messengers available. It is always the same argument. It is free! FREE! And that is all you think about? It is private information you share via this messenger, and you can not afford something less an euro to safe this private and personal information for yourself? It is the same as you would scream your personal conversations in front of a big crowd and hang you personal pictures at a public space.

Whatever. Keep in mind, that you are not affected by the new system of Whatsapp. But keep in mind, that you are walking an unsafe path.

Guest contribution for Tuesday Tech Talk.

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